The Early Bird Gets The Best Cheat Codes

Are you a creative human being, or a human being creative?

Every human is creative, but if you don’t apply yourself and exercise your creativity, you won’t see the results as a human being creative. Robert Generette III’s Creative Mornings talk on Game was structure in the form of cheat codes, and this is the one that really hit me between the eyes. Robert (@rob_zilla_iii) is a self proclaimed “vector art monster.” He does realistic vector sports illustrations and portraits using Adobe Draw and Illustrator for clients such as Nike, ESPN, XBOX, and Adobe. Robert also walked us through his process on the iPad Pro and left us with some great dad jokes. 

This was my first Creative Mornings talk, and I will definitely be trying to hit that 10:30am signup to make it to the next one! Everyone I met was wonderful and who can turn down a free event with FREE coffee and muffins?

Check out details in my sketch notes below for key moments from the talk, and see my Instagram (@_taycreates) for a process video for how I built this piece.


Photo of my Baron Fig Confidant taken with the iPhone 8 Plus. Illustration built using the 6B Pencil in Procreate on the iPad Pro 12.9.